The biometric textile complex for evaluation tactical and technical characteristics in real-time

Purpose and scope

The development is aimed to solve the quality control problem, technical compatibility of combat clothing set elements for increasing the combat effectiveness of a soldier and the unit.

Important indicators that characterize the level of the scientific result obtained

The development and testing of a new complex differential method for assessing clothing sets for military personnel will allow to accelerate the process of experimental testing of objects in real-time by 45%, as well as provide new scientific data on the mechanism of its interaction with a soldier. It’s also taking into account the military specialty and seasonality.

The status of intellectual property protection

4 patents of Ukraine were obtained.

Basic technical characteristics

The developed complex allows receiving real-time data from the clothing air gap at a distance of 5 km to the subject. Updating data occurs up to 20 times per second from 104 sensors (temperature, relative humidity, pressure, accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer).

Market demand

The complex is in demand for the structural divisions of Ukraine’s security structures and the civilian sector.

State of development

The developed complex includes products with biometric packages combined with software and analytics. Development is used for accelerated testing in real-time.

Biometric product for tactical and technical evaluation characteristics in real-time.